An encounter between camera and animal

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In the 21st century, we are used to the convenience brought by the development of science and technology. The night can also be as clear as the day. The hunting camera can be used to take photos and videos when observing wildlife in the day or night.


It is hard to believe that a group of photos entitled "hunting wild game with flashlight and camera" appeared in the National Geographic magazine in July 1906, which were taken at night.


This group of photos was taken by the first batch of human night ecological photography. The photographer who took these photos was George Shiras III. he spent a lot of time on ecological and photographic research. He invented the super bright magnesium flash lamp and camera trap technology, and was honored as the father of ecological photography.

In the early days, there was no infrared camera for shooting equipment, so it was difficult to shoot animals at close range during the day. It was not possible to place a hunting camera for infrared induction shooting as in modern times, let alone shooting at night.

So George Shiras III used two special methods to shoot.

The first method is to use a canoe to approach the gathering place of animals from the waterway. As soon as you hear the movement, you can shoot directly, and trigger the flash lamp at the same time (at that time, the magnesium lamp was used to energize the magnesium powder to create a short strong light).

The second method is that photographers set traps in places where animals often pass by, usually a hanging rope. Then wait for the animal to pass by and hook it, and then trigger the shutter and flash photography. Therefore, this is one of the early works taken with the trap camera. In terms of photography technology at that time, it was a very innovative shooting method.


In the 21st century, we are constantly updating our cameras. We have mastered the infrared induction technology, which enables us to place the hunting camera in the wild, quickly start the camera function of the machine by sensing the heat of animals, and take photos and videos in reality.

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